Stay Simplyfied

Online Hotel Concierge Desk


Personalized Booking

Our "Machine Learning" platform will track your travellers profile, preferred city, & preferred hotel and suggests similar options. Saves time and manpower.

Highest Safety

The curated hotels listed are rated by other business travellers.

Best Deal

The best tariffs for hotels are available on the booking platform.


The platform ensures visibility of your spend. Guarantees every transaction is regulatory compliant and paperless.

Cost Saving

The virtual Travel desk eliminates all fixed costs.


Realtime spend information is available. Ensures cost control and tracking on a single window.


Noncompliance, fraud and misuse are eliminated in every transaction.

Policy control:

The business intelligence filter will ensure complete adherence to travel policy in every transaction.

Error proof

Corporate integrity is protected by eliminating Risk of external vendor influence.

Guest House

Only online platform in India that enables booking into your company's guest house.

Bulk Booking

Only online platform in India that can handle large group bookings.

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