About Us

Who are We

Humming Bird Digital Private Ltd is a 15 years old B2B Travel Tech company based in Bangalore, India.
We automate “Business STAY & Expense Management” for our clients. Our digital platform allow very large organisations (T/o above Rs.5000 crs) to digitise their real estate ( company owned guest houses , hotels, hostels, co-live, co-work and corporate housing) and offer “Hospitality As A Service” using Ai.

Our focus

Our clients include the biggest leaders in their respective industries such as 1) Banking; 2) Pharmaceuticals ; 3) Infotech ; 4) Automobiles ; 5) Micro Finance

We support businesses of all sizes

Current Pandemic

As Covid-19 has affected many Small Businesses and MSMEs, we are offering our Digital Platform for FREE. We will manage their entire back office with regard to their Business Travel. Our digital platform will help them save money on travel infrastructure; operations, GST comliance and special tariff available only to very large clients.

We will all navigate this tough period together. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!